Founding Creator

Linnea (pronounced Lynn-aya) is an arts and craft specialist and happiness advocate. She has been working as a community art facilitator since her youth and is incredibly passionate about sharing the fun that comes from making art together. She understands the importance of the environment and strives to have her practice be sustainable and inclusive. Her introduction to mindfulness was born in her University days as a method of finding a balance between the chaos of the world and the peace found when enjoying art. 

 Linnea’s artistic pursuits are plentiful and ever-changing. Never to be fixated with one medium she is constantly growing and challenging herself to use both new and traditional medium in unique ways. Her preference is in 3D interactive art installations which include both traditional arts and crafts such as drawing, painting, textiles and including natural objects such as rocks, shells, and driftwood. Her pieces are often highly welcoming yet incredibly personal.