Workshop Offerings

Here are some examples of workshops that we offer. Happy Heads is open to creating custom workshops in order to honour the unique requirements of the group.


Acceptance and Diversity

Acceptance and diversity are becoming an increasingly important topic in today’s political climate. Creating art together can encourage positive relationships between participants. Open discussions and story sharing can deepen the bond between students.


Compassion and Connection

Compassion is key to a happiness. At Happy Heads, we believe that compassion is innate, sometimes it helps to be reminded of how we are already compassionate by practicing it together.  Compassionate students can create a more positive environment from which to learn. When discussing compassion, empathy and sympathy are examined and encouraged. Compassion becomes the action from which these feelings arise. The workshop focuses on how students can be more compassionate in their lives.



During the loving-kindness session, students are guided through the meditative process of mandala making. This relaxing process is easy to grasp and can be a great tool to reducing stress both inside and outside of the classroom. Loving-kindness is a daily practice that encourages students to be mindful of the kindness that is already all around them. Loving-kindness encourages the growth of the kindness that exists in all our hearts.


Let Your Awesome Blossom

Let’s face it, you are awesome. Building on student’s strengths participants are encouraged to reflect on their unique qualities that make them shine. In doing so we empower through art and positive thinking.


Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing can be used proactively as a method to reduce stress. Once learned students can use mindful breathing throughout their sometimes stressful day. Breathing maps are creative artworks that express the uniqueness and beauty that can be found in each breath.


Self-Compassion and Embroidery

Embroidery is a relaxing and meticulous craft. As the creator spends time on their creation they are invited to reflect on the positive aspects of themselves. When the art project is complete there exists a beautiful reminder of just that.


Gratitude and Creativity

Classroom gratitude is a great way to encourage students to appreciate the lovely things that are in their classroom. Gratitude enables students to be more prosocial with their behaviours while mutual supporting each other through this encouragement.


Classroom Superheros

Every person on this planet has something awesome about them. This workshop asks students to envision the qualities they have that make them great people. Superhero capes can be made as a visual representation of all the aspects of their awesomeness. As an alternative, some may choose to make a scarf or a small blanket.


Community Engagement

We are all connected through the space we share. Community engagement through art can help bridge the gap that may exist between isolated members of our neighbourhood.



Craftivism is the gentle medley of crafting and activism. In mixing these practices one can voice concerns of injustice while creating beautiful works of art. As crafting can include a variety of media This workshop will certainly reflect the unique perspectives of the group.


Interested in any one of these? Send us an email to book your own workshop.